At 2evolve we know how to achieve regular giving growth. In the last 15 years, our teams have recruited over 500,000 regular givers for charities across Australia and New Zealand. If you want to grow regular giving in 2013, we can help you:

1.       Develop or revamp your regular giving product. At 2evolve we live and breathe regular giving. We know that the cornerstone of every successful regular giving program is a strong regular giving product, with an annual plan of supporter retention communications. We manage everything from strategy and concept development right through to copy to creative. The result? A product that will guarantee success in regular giving conversion and acquisition.

2.       Mine your existing database for regular giving gold. When Greenpeace came to us in mid-2011, they had a medium sized regular giving telefundraising program but a database audit indicated massive opportunities for growth. Using our insights, we developed a phone fundraising strategy to triple the number of regular givers being recruited each year by phone using the existing database only.



3. Acquire straight to regular giving at market leading conversion rates. Telefundraising acquisition is now the best alternative to face to face for acquiring large volumes of regular givers. Our regular giving acquisition programs are achieving 6-8% conversion rates to regular giving and average gifts of $22-25. With strong retention rates, 3-5 year net returns are anywhere from 50-100% higher than other acquisition channels.

If growing regular giving income is a target for 2013, call Tracey + 61 2 8114 9700 today or email