Services | Supporter database analysis

Every fundraising strategy needs to start somewhere – and the starting place has to be your supporter database. 2evolve can provide a complete database audit to identify where your fundraising revenue is coming from and use this information to confidently predict where your future fundraising revenue is likely to come from. The analysis will enable you to identify which supporters are most likely to attrite,  prioritise your retention spend and predict the potential lifetime value of different types of supporters.

Understanding the profitability of your existing supporters will enable you to develop donor segmentation models that can be used to support activities that will maximize fundraising revenue – whether your objectives are for acquisition, reactivation, retention, upgrade or cross-sell fundraising activities.

Naturally this type of analysis will enable more accurate targeting and personalisation of supporter communications, which will increase your fundraising revenue and supporter engagement levels. 2evolve will work with you to measure the results of future activities and returns on investment to ensure that you continuously build on the knowledge of your supporters and maximize revenue.

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